Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ssssh! He's Sleeping! Take A Picture!!

When my children were little, I constantly took pictures of them while they were sleeping. I did this for several reasons. First, they really looked so adorable ... and peaceful ... and angelic. I would just watch them and memorize their tiny, perfect features and took pictures so I'd always remember. Secondly, as they grew older, I loved taking pictures of them sleeping due to the fact that they weren't poking a sibling ... or picking their noses ... or scowling because they didn't want a picture taken. It was cooperation (well, kind of ...) and my babies were beautiful. I wanted people to see it!

As they've gotten older, I'm not around to take pictures of them while they're sleeping. That would be really creepy because I'd have to get in my car in the middle of night, drive across town, sneak in through an unlocked window (which they better not have!!), crawl over to the bed, snap a picture of my adult child, and then hurry and leave before getting caught. Not that I've ever thought of doing that. Like I said, that would be very creepy.
I don't tuck my children in anymore. I don't peek in on them while they're sleeping. I don't pull up the blanket that has been kicked off and crumpled at the bottom of the bed and carefully place it over my sleeping child. I don't listen quietly for their peaceful exhaled breath. I don't gently push back the tousled hair from their foreheads. No more of those incredible night-time rituals for me. My children were never aware of these rituals. They never knew that good ole' Mom was hovering over their beds at night ... and not in a creepy way.

I DO continue night-time rituals for my adult children though. They range in age from 23 to 31 and since I'd get arrested for sneaking in to their homes, instead I do something that's even better. I pray for them. I lift each one up to the Lord, praying for specific areas of their lives. I pray for relationships ... new jobs ... new babies and families ... moves ... safety in work ... sensitive hearts ... future godly spouses and godly friends. I pray that they'll move on from the poor choices in the past to the beauty of God's choices for them in the future. I pray for their hearts' desire to be walking with the Lord, to seek His face, to know Him personally and intimately. And, as this middle-aged body often awakes during the night, I continue my prayers when I'm not sleeping.

No, I don't physically cover my sleeping children with blankets anymore. Instead, I cover them with prayer. One of the joys of being a mom ...

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