Saturday, October 8, 2011

Drinking From a Fire Hydrant

Our ministry with teen moms is growing at an explosive rate!! At our first meeting, we had one girl and her son. At our second meeting, we had one girl (a different one -- the "first" mommy had a sick baby) and her daughter. At our third meeting, there were 21 people and 16 children! This next week will be our 4th meeting, and already we've heard from 11 new moms who want to attend ... and 10 new babies to add to our roster.

It's overwhelming. It's frightening. It's incredible. And our ministry has only been in existence for three weeks.

What is God teaching? He's reinforcing with me that ...

* ... He will NEVER call me to do something that He doesn't provide the ways to do it. If He's bringing girls, He'll provide the leaders needed to minister. If He's bringing babies, He'll provide the people needed for childcare. If we're feeding the girls, He'll not only provide the food but will multiply it like the loaves and fishes. If we're needing $$, He'll send the donations. He'll show us the details that need to be noticed ... the organization that needs to be done ... the things that need to be said. God is our Coordinator. And He has done that ... all of that ...

* ... His heart yearns for these precious mommies and babies. He wants to be their sufficiency, the One Who provides for their needs, the One Who loves them. And until they come in to a personal relationship with them, He'll continue to court them through my hands and feet and service. What an incredible blessing!! Plus, when I give myself to the One Who loves them the most, His love flows in and through me. How is it possible to already be in love with girls and babies that you just meet? But it's true ...

* ... I belong to a body of people who want to be a part of serving and loving. We've seen people donate items for our Mommy Mart store, they've given monetary donations, they're sending food, they're rocking babies, they're praying. Many of these people will NEVER meet a single one of the teen moms, but they've become a vital and important part of our ministry "behind the scenes". They're loving these girls without expecting anything in return, just as Jesus does. Without them -- the Body of Christ -- our ministry would be nothing. It takes ALL of us ...

* ... He is the God of abundance. We prayed for an open door, and God flung open the doors ... and windows ... and took the roof off! We prayed for a few girls and God is sending us many. Then, we prayed for a few childcare workers to help, and again God sent us many. Basically, we asked for a drink of water, and God opened a fire hydrant for us to drink from. Our dreams are no where near what God can do, and He's showing us that every single day. Every time a new girl calls about attending ... every sack of items that we receive from a donor ... every new person who inquires about helping with childcare. God's grace overflows ...

I have to be honest. There are times that doubt and fear raise their ugly heads in my mind. People have already told us we need to limit our numbers and turn girls away. Some have said we don't have room or that these girls will hurt us and drain us dry. Can we seriously do this ministry? Are we without limits? Willl this be a ministry without pain? And the answer is a big, fat NO. We can't do this. We are limited. It's going to hurt at times. However, we serve a God Who can do all things, is without limits, and Who has a plan. God is working here in Yukon, USA. We just need to be willing to step out to where He calls us -- where we feel unsure and unprepared, because that's where He will show us His greatest miracles. That's where He'll show us Himself, and our teen moms will see Him for themselves.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Beauty for Ashes

It's amazing to me how God uses our past to teach us and grow us. Things that I would love to go back and change ... things that I'm ashamed of or that scarred me ... things that I swore I'd never do but I did; and, on the flip side ... things that I'd love to relive because they were so wonderful ... things that I'm proud of ... things that happened that bring me great joy -- God wastes absolutely nothing and uses ALL instances to teach us or to help us minister to others. Even though some of the times might have been because of my stupidity or wrong choices, God is not limited. What was intended by me as evil or wrong or selfish purposes, God can turn around and make in to something beautiful -- I just need to allow Him to work in and through me.

I love that my God is the God of new beginnings ... the God who turns ashes in to beauty ... the God of second chances. He's the original "green" -- doesn't waste a thing!! I also love that His timing is perfect ... that He's always working ... that He has a plan and a purpose.

For today, I choose to:
* Revel in Who He is and what He's done
* Celebrate in His ability to use all things
* Rejoice that He's chosen to use me
* Anticipate what He's going to continue to do
* Trust in His timing and plan