Monday, February 7, 2011

Tweaked Truth

We were recently in Dallas, driving in their monstrosity that they call traffic, when we witnessed a wreck. Since we were in the middle lane of the 8-lane highway, we couldn't pull over to help since we were still moving ... and there were crazy drivers all around us. But we saw the cars swerve, heard the metal-on-metal impact, saw the smoke that flew up after they collided, and the spinning out of control by the smaller car onto the shoulder. No one was hurt (that we knew of) and fortunately, only the two cars were involved. It was actually more of a side-swipe, but still ... it was on a Dallas interstate, so it was scary. There were cars all around, so there were a lot of witnesses. As we were crawling along (because by this time traffic had slowed down to about 5 mph due to wrecks), we could see people pulling off on the shoulder to help the other folks who had just had a wreck.

And you know, I guarantee you that every single person that saw it had a slightly different perspective. Everyone saw the same thing, but all of the stories would be different, even if only slightly. I can tell you that I know the colors of the cars ... but not the makes. I saw the one car change lanes in to an already occupied lane ... but I don't know much else other than that. And my view of the wreck was very definitely different than the view of my husband's. We were in the same car ... saw the same wreck ... and had two totally different stories to tell.

It occurred to me that life is the same way. Ultimately, there is only one truth. It doesn't matter how we tweak it or change it to fit our perspective ... the truth is there. It's fact. It's unchangeable. But we bring our own story or perspective to it.  We do the same thing to God and His truths. We don't like it so we tweak it. We think it's silly so we say it's out-dated and not applicable to our lives. We try to ignore it and create our own truth. The fact is: truth never changes. Doesn't matter what we do to it ... the truth is rock-steady. For me, there's a deep security in knowing that God doesn't change and neither do His truths. How grateful I am that I serve a God who is bigger than a tweaked-out Truth and an updated Gospel!

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