Wednesday, April 27, 2011

From a Future Dead Author

Eventually I'm going to write a book some day. I talk about it a lot. And I have a lot of great plans. But yeah, I never quite get around to it. I have several books that I'm going to write, though. Of course, I've planned fantastic titles for them already ...

A book about middle age will be called, When I Cough, I Pee. Yes, I've mentioned that title before in an earlier post and I'm sure you thought I was just joking. This will be a best-seller, ladies and gentlemen!! We'll finally unwrap all of the mystery, fear, and lessons regarding middle-age and all of the trials, joys, and incredible wisdom (?) that goes along with it.

A book about parenting adult children will be entitled, From M.O.P.S. to P.O.T.S to P.O.O.P. In other words, from Mothers of Preschoolers to Parents of Teenagers to Parents of Older People. I have no idea why bathroom language manages to show up in some of my titles. Maybe because I'm not very mature? Can you tell that I had three boys? We'll discover how to be the best parent you can possibly be to your children as they grow and how to survive the letting go process -- not that I was the best parent. I definitely learned what NOT to do!

A book about different lessons that God has taught me called Finding Me in Him (Living the Parable Filled Life). We'll see how God uses mice in our pantry, trees by a creek, and road caution signs to teach truths about Him. We'll also see how God continues to teach even when some of us (Okay, I admit it -- I'm talking about me here) are not necessarily continuing to learn ... and how He may use different objects, different times, and different circumstances to teach us the same dang lesson that we're not wanting to learn. (Yes, still talking about me!) ::Sigh!::

It all sounds good, doesn't it? Unfortunately, that's all I've got. .Just titles and a few ideas, but absolutely nothing that would fill enough pages for a book. So, I continue to scribble ideas and plug away on my computer. I write down lessons learned and pour out thoughts on paper. I figure one of these days, when I'm long gone, my kids (or grandkids or great grandkids or person hired to go through all of my junk and stuff before throwing it away) will stumble upon this "treasure trove" and will have my works published posthumously. I will then be a famous (dead) author of the best seller book, Coughing and Peeing Through M.O.P.S, P.O.T.S, and P.O.O.P's Parable Filled Life. Reserve your copy now.

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